Frame of Mind Means Quality

Frame of Mind is a custom framing art gallery featuring high quality custom framing products and services. We are located in the Arts District of Ormond Beach, Florida. Our Art Gallery is connected to Gold Leaf Coffee Co. and together we feature monthly artist exhibitions, coffee tastings, local music, and artist talks.

Our History

Victoria Jones, owner, grew up in a family where a core value is protecting local history. She grew up in expanding Ormond Beach, where her family has worked with the historic society and the city to renovate historic buildings and keep sites safe.

Simultaneous to her development as a lover of quality and tradition, Victoria’s artistic eye was drawn to photography. She completed a degree in the field, and made a connection with a local Daytona Beach frame shop on Seabreeze Blvd. There she discovered her talent and fastidious nature as she learned the craft of conservation picture framing.

She opened Frame of Mind custom frame shop in 2008, since then she’s expanded from a tiny workshop, enough to only work on a single frame at a time, to a full scale design and crafting studio offering handmade custom frames, printing, an art gallery, and cafe. Victoria ensures quality is the bottom line of her service by training and educating her framers and designers and investing into enrolling them into courses and trade shows.

Why Frame of Mind?

Frame of Mind is an enormous patron of the arts, hiring local artist for hand painted signs and murals throughout the building. Frame of Mind is a solace for artists as the gallery is filled with a new feature to be celebrated each month.
Outside of the shop, Victoria is on the board for the Ormond Beach Arts District and is heavily involved in sponsoring local museums. Her vision for an art based community started in a tiny room & has truly transformed our town.

What do we offer? If you can think it, we can frame it!

Frame of Mind has housed everything from race suits, giant flags, television sets, to postage stamps. 

Historic Artifacts

As custom framers, we know it is important to determine the objective of your project. If you want a simple decorate frame for your home, color is our focus, but when it comes to preservation there are many methods to housing your work. Most common is the adhesive free, sink-mount. The object is laid in a bed of foam that is stacked at least as tall as the object. Your matting is cut neatly to secure the object in place and provide plenty of space to lay the artifact out for the viewer. If the artifact needs to float in space, then our framers strategically sew around the piece to discreetly hold it suspended on the mat board.

Frame of Mind means quality
The custom framers are certified with years of experience in artwork conservation and design to help you smoothly complete your trickiest projects. Stop in or make a consultation appointment today!