Gallery Coordinator,
Custom Framer

My name is Patricia Singer. I am a custom framer, designer, and gallery events curator at Frame of Mind Custom Framing in Ormond Beach Florida. I’ve earned a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Central Florida where I focused my studies on paper conservation through their book arts program and through an independent study in the Special Collections Library. I have worked with artwork first hand for 7 years as a qualified picture framer and gallery curator. My manager has supported me through workshops and qualifications through the Professional Pictures Framers of America Association. 

My duties as a custom framer and art conservator are on a one-on-one basis with collectors of fine art or memorabilia. I have framed signed historic documents, fine art prints such as silkscreens, lithographs, & posters, original paintings, textiles, objects of metal and wood, photographs, and more.

Each object is initially inspected for its material makeup before I determine how to best house the object to keep it safe from environmental factors such as light, humidity, and dust. My materials are typically glass, acrylic, polypropylene, wheat paste, acid free foam, linen free non-alkaline mat board, and sealed wood

As a BFA graduate, I use my understanding of color theory, the elements of design, and historic references to help my clients with their frame design that is practical for conservation and matches the aesthetics of the space where the artifact will be on display. My experience as an artist aids in my ability to color match, understand paint integrity, types of paints, types of paper, and types of adhesives. My operational skills include work with heavy duty machinery including saws, plotting machines, laser cutters, and fine art printing equipment.

I have curated individual showcases in Chicago and Florida as well as group themed art exhibitions with a variety of artistic motifs. I served as a member of Ormond Main Street by planning street wide festivals such as the Granada Grande, Shop Small Saturday, and Art in the Garden with the Ormond Memorial Art Museum. Events are where my love for design, creation, preservation of heritage, and marketing research cultivate in their fullest essence. 

I desire to create a world where new ideas thrive. I desire to create a world where tradition is preserved but renovated to thrust forward into the future aesthetic.

Growing up in a small Florida town we did not have much to keep us entertained, so we became the entertainment. Frame of Mind Custom Framing is responsible for the upheaval of cultural events in Ormond Beach, ultimately creating regular arts walks and a downtown strip full of restaurants, shops, and galleries, all where shopping small and supporting community is a key value. 

Being from Europe, I was fortunate enough to experience the contrast of immaculate ancient and baroque structures in a modern environment. I have been an artist since high school. I suppose I have been an artist since conception, but I did not begin practicing until high school and I was totally in denial of the matter until a couple years into college. My love for fine art led me into the gallery field, which led me into the framing field, which led me to deepen my understanding of materials and  conservation, and I have been on this path for quite some time, but I did not feel the epiphany until my mid twenties. I had grown up seeing the St. Stephens cathedral in Vienna, and have always accepted it as an enormous structure with a team of conservationist cleaning the sides as they stand on scaffolding and hold onto the beautiful towers. One night as I turned the corner all the scaffolding was gone, after years of partnership, and it dawned on me. I was struck by sublime elegance. My heart and mind finally felt like they have ultimately aligned. I realized the path I was on was true to my heart, and I knew that I wanted to be the link keeping these staples of civilization safe for future generations to learn from them, and to be inspired by them as I am. 

I did not realize the value of my job until the first moment I had a client cry from the joy of seeing their family heirloom clean, preserved, and safe in a custom frame home. I want to be the very best at what I do in material  conservation so my clients and civilization can rest assure their valuables are safe under my watch and hand. 

I am Patricia Singer. I joined the Art Club of my school at sixteen. I created an Art Club at my college when I was 19. We hosted exhibits, art jams, fundraisers, museum trips, and left a legacy for others to hold onto as inspiration and motivation to create. I went on to 4Art Inc. in Chicago where I met artists and learned to host with a smile. I learned gallery repairs, proprietary work, and saw my first glimpses of picture framing. When I returned to my hometown in Florida, I began my career with Frame of Mind Custom Framing. 

My manager sought to invest in me by certifying me as a picture framer. I learned the art of encasing artwork with conservation quality materials and protecting them by creating a microenvironment that is free of environmental hazards such as dust and UV rays. Together we have attended trade shows and have taken certified classes through the Professional Picture Framers Association. In my independent academic endeavors I explored paper repair, encapsulation, adhesive removal and binding. We have hosted countless exhibitions of artwork in the gallery and have stepped up with fellow entrepreneurs to create an Arts District and Downtown in an otherwise sleepy town. I am a fine artist myself and take pride in my creation. My ultimate goal is to create a space where great minds meet to create.  

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