Babz Lupoli is a superstar artist radiating light on everyone she touches. Her mission is to create, from her personal inspirations, something that is felt deeply and warmly within the viewer. Her texture, color, and subject matter are dazzling to look at and can almost be felt by examining the layers. She works in abstraction, which makes her work relatable, personal, and easy to fit in any environment.

“This collection is a celebration of the many facets of our daily lives and the situations we find ourselves in.  We meet people, we witness a kindness, we spy a beautiful flower, we get lost in a daydream while on a break at work…..these endless tidbits and experiences we collect …..and  through them…..we earn the stripes that make us who we are.”

Babz Lupoli

BabZ has been involved in a handful of Frame of Mind group art shows. The team is enthralled to have her filling the gallery with a wistful, energetic, vibrancy.

“Creating art pieces in different genres is an amazing exercise with thrilling results. I have taken classes, workshops and immersion sessions that continually inspire and amaze me. The quality of teachers in this Florida market is amazing and I have grown as an artist tremendously. I love experimenting with oils, acrylics and mixed media…..abstracts have become my new passion and my fellow artists have become my new friends. My goal is to share my work with the world…I believe that every home should have quality art to inspire and uplift the families within.”

Babz Lupoli