David Berger

About Artist

David Berger’s art is a blend of the conscious, unconscious, mental, emotional, and spiritual essences of our being mashed together in the finite space of canvas.

Artist Quote

Is there anything more surreal than life? Probably not! And, this is the reason why I have chosen the surrealist perspective to express myself, like the infamous Dali and others that are less known such as Bruvel, Schimmel, as well as the humorous perspective of Roller Wilson and the mathematical perfection of MC Escher.

My paintings are an unique attempt at the blending of the conscious, unconscious, mental, emotional, and spiritual essences of our being, the juxtaposition of images familiar, random or otherwise of the infinite universe mashed together in the finite space of canvas.

Life is all about feelings and perspectives; the depth of pain and the heights of elation and the myriad that lies between, be it in the real muck and mire of earth or the chaos which inhabits the untrained mind.

For me, life is all about growing, healing, and recapturing the awe that was lost in childhood, and my hope is that my images will reignite some of that awe within the viewer.

David Berger

Artist Bio

David was born in Hoboken, NJ in 1954. Raised by a mother that fought her own demons, which visited themselves upon her three boys on a regular basis, and was disciplined by a heavy handed father, life was colorful to say the least! The family moved extensively in his formative years, and finally resettled in NJ in 1969. Being the smallest in his junior and high school years he understood that escaping into the world of art helped relieve some the pressures doled out to him from home and school.

David spent the mid seventies in Santa Cruz California, and enjoyed that decade with great vim and vigor as did most of that consciousness. After eliminating all those substances from his regular diet, he crashed into a deep and severe depression that couldn’t be “labeled” which lasted almost twenty years. During this time he finished a small body of statement paintings dealing with the endangered species and the planet.

His painting got set on the back burner for the most part, but the creative juice found its way back in through various art classes and eventually segued into writing. Those writings are about his own observations, struggles and triumphs over depression and all of the patterns and behaviors that people go through with their personal emotions, and how they affect and infect all relationships. He became a healing facilitator and assisted those struggling as he did through the nineties to the present.

Now in 2022, the brushes are once again in hand. Leaving AZ for last 20 years he has landed in Florida with his wife Lisa.

…when you start to notice the mystical, the mystical will start to notice you.

Dacha Avelin