Georgi Andonov

About Artist

Georgi Andonov is a Bulgarian artist who’s pop collection of portraiture and symbolism is a layering of realism, color play, and spirit.

Artist Quote

I believe that art should express beauty and joy. There is a longing for romantic nostalgia in my work.

I believe that each painting should be a distillation of reality rather than a direct representation.

I am driven to render familiar images and present them to the viewer in their most extreme form. Each painting is a symbol.

I want my paintings to reflect a feeling of timelessness, choosing subjects devoid of any contemporary characteristics -monkey, rose, silent row of umbrellas on an empty beach.

I am torn by the dichotomy caused by the uncomfortable bedfellows of my modern sensibilities and my respect for the old masters.”

Georgi Andonov

Artist Bio

Georgi Andonov graduated from the National Art Academy in 1990. Three years later he opens Colo Tempo Gallery (1993-1995) and in 1996 his own gallery in Beirut, Lebanon. From 1998 Andonov works with the largest lebanese art dealer Fadi Mogabgab Gallery. Interesting and impressive as an artist, in 2003 he starts working with William Merill Gallery in Los Angeles (USA), and from 2007 with Boutique 1 Gallery in Dubai (UАЕ), Martin McNab Art Gallery San Diego, Art stuidio “Mikonos”. In Bulgaria Georgi Andonov is presented by ANIMA Art Gallery.

Parallel to his work as an artist, Georgi Andonov is involved with Contemporary Art Society – an organization that is founded in 2005 in partnership with Art Contemporian (Fadi Mogabgab), Beirut. Since 2006 the artist lives in Burgas, Bulgaria.