Julian Johnson

About Artist

Julian Johnson’s work brings a blend of dreamy realism and fantasy. He has completed portraits, murals, fine art paintings, and writings. during his artistic career.

Artist Quote

“I love to create and share my vision of the beauty, horror, humor, insanity and truth of the world as I see it in my rendering and writing.  I can only hope that my work, my contributions may serve as someone’s inspiration. In my opinion, art is the language of human experience, an opportunity to indulge in the our most hidden desires, in a universe of our very own creation and filled with the things that make our timid hearts acheā€¦not a bad place to spend a Friday night.”

Julian Johnson

Artist Bio

Julian Johnson has identified as an artist his entire life. He dedicated his studies to Art, Political Science, and Medicine eventually becoming a medic in the United States Air Force. Today he is a Physicians Assistant in Daytona Beach.