KAVI – Karishma Naran

About Artist

Inspired by the eloquent and lively music of the 1960’s and its efficacious voice for Cultural Revolution, as well as her own heritage, visual artist Kavi (Bombay, India) began her artistic career in 2003 as a Californian teenager.

In 2017, Kavi decided she was ready to share her creative vision and start telling her story. Today, she has developed a distinctive style involving a multi-layered approach which gives her the ability to encapsulate political phrases and poetry into each of her creative works. Kavi’s mixed-media art is unpredictable and possesses its own energy, her dedication and talent having allowed her to excel as an artist creating pieces that have generated great interest among collectors and gallerists alike.

Karishma Naran is an experimental artist working with innovative new methods in photo collage, painting, and sculpture. Her work emphasizes intense texture by incorporating three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional spaces, contemporary mounting methods, and concentrated layering often resulting in a sleek-high gloss finish.

Loot My Body
Creates a distorted view of a familiar piece of ourselves, yet goes past abstraction by mixing symbolic and physical objects.

Up, Up, & Away
Bridge of transportation showing an exploration from childhood to adulthood. Defying gravity with symbols like the paper plant and clouds and Kavi’s signature lightning bolt.

Artist Bio

Kavi lives in Daytona Beach, Florida. She sits on the board of the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens, and is also part of the organization Art in the Alley Daytona, which is revitalizing the downtown with public art and murals. Outside of her artistic laboratory Karishma is active in interior design for homes and commercial spaces.