Katherine Parfet

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Katherine Parfet is influenced by a growing interest in abstraction using acrylics and mediums applied in various techniques to very thin paper.

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I have always been involved in some type of artistic pursuit, first in high school and then at Scripps College where I minored in studio arts. I began my career in 1972 when I started a needlepoint design business. I specialized in custom and liturgical work, along with creating a signature line of designs which is still distributed nationally.

After retiring I turned to painting full time, with acrylics as my medium. My Landscape and Bird Series are based on memories I have of growing up in the Midwest, living on an eighty acre farm in Minnesota and traveling further north to summer on Madeline Island in Lake Superior. My intention for these paintings is to not represent any specific place or thing, but rather to create an emotional sense of place, one that evokes a feeling of stillness and calm.

My work on paper is influenced by my growing interest in abstraction. I create my collage material by using acrylics and mediums applied in various techniques to very thin paper. I incorporate pieces of this material into my work, which produces added texture and color interest. Memory Series are simply layers of paint applied to thin paper with no additional support other than the paint itself. They become fabric in a sense.

I am in summer on Madeline Island in Wisconsin where I maintain a studio and gallery, and winter in New Smyrna Beach in Florida where I  share a studio with three fellow artists.

Katherine Parfet

Represented by: Moondeer & Friends in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin Bell Street Gallery in La Pointe, Wisconsin Madeline Island Candles in La Pointe, Wisconsin Katherine Parfet Studio in La Pointe, Wisconsin Janes Art Center in New Smyrna, Florida ​Studio 1248 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida Beaux Arts of Central Florida