Stacey Fletcher

About Artist

As a cathartic painter, Stacey Fletcher exhibits works that seek to evoke emotions, questions background, and the journey of ones self. Largely inspired by naive mark making, intuitive gestures, and driven by symbolism, the works are abstract at first glace to the viewer, but have some sense of childhood imagery disguised among the colorful layers. Her work is fresh with vibrant lively colors, with layered metaphors of herself and others contrasted with the chaotic approach of the energetic marks.

Reynolds obsession to create marks, and manipulate material through process, creates compositions seen and imagined by demonstrating an intuitive need to record visual observations and experiences.

Uprooted: Deconstructing works by Stacey Fletcher

Viewers will experience two bodies of work. The first consisting of a series of mixed media processes, created on 300-400 lb watercolor paper, installed using a floating illusion with mounting hardware; rare earth magnets, as well as metal stand offs and acrylic sheets to give an industrial juxtaposition to the colorful abstracts on heavy weight watercolor paper.

Reynolds has been selected and given the opportunity to juror many different exhibitions, and her work itself, is now part of public and private art collections. Her work has been given many awards, including being published in a juried selection of International Visual Artists in Studio Visit Magazine.

Artist Quote

Uprooted; a word embedded with displacement, discomfort, and often destroying familiarities. This exhibition addresses major shifts in a journey, making connections to concepts and discoveries of ones “self”. The works evolved from an evolution of symbolic metaphors, an obsession to make marks, and to document memories & experiences.

This exhibition was created with a deconstructive process in mind. One of critical analysis of language that emphasizes the relationship to meaning and forms of expression. Often viewers create assumptions implicit in forms of expression, but I ask the audience to appreciate the seductive materials and process, more so than to try and read into the works. For me, the works are a narrative, a means of communication, a page in ones story of life. I ask the viewer not to “find” the symbolism, but merely to form their own narrative.

Stacey Fletcher

Artist Bio

Stacey Fletcher Reynolds is an Assistant Professor of Painting & Drawing at Daytona State College. Reynolds received a Master of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2003, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing from Valdosta State University, Valdosta Georgia, in 2000.

Reynolds not only brings more than 17 years of teaching experience, but also 25 years of professional art experience, exhibiting in the United States and abroad, including an International Painting Residency in Chelm Poland.

Several images created on paper are traditionally framed, but the majority of the works are displayed in an industrial style installation. Lastly, a group of abstract acrylic mixed media paintings, experimenting with construction materials in contrast to the acrylic paints, ready to install with D-rings and wiring. A play on contrast, one of constructed hardware, tools, and materials, to that of a colorful expressionistic approach to mark making.

The works themselves are highly influenced by abstract expressionism, and display a chaotic approach to material and process. It is not just an impulsive approach to gestural mark making, but the love of material and process that trumps the imagery. The medium consists of watercolor, acrylics, oil pastels, charcoal, graphite, spray paint, gesso, nupastels, enamel, tar, collage elements, etc.