12 Foot 20th Century Photograph


We have framed 12 ft wide photographs, 5 ft tall fragile antique posters, 7 ft squared textiles, and full body uniforms. There are no premade frames, mat boards, or backing boards large enough to accomodate artwork that is any more than 40 x 60 inches.

Our on-site workshop is prepared to craft a custom picture frame for artwork that is impossible with a generic display by building each layer to the exact specs of your artwork with high-quality materials.

Elements of Oversized Framing 

The custom framing package consists of a solid backing board to support the piece, a matboard, liner, or nonivasive mounting to secure the piece, glazing to protect the piece from splashes and UV Rays, a picture frame to hold the package together, and safe hardware to hang the artwork.  

Oversized mat boards and liners are carefully wrapped by hand in our matting workshop. There are even more fabric colors and textures than there are mat boards! Choose a fabric that perfectly matches the piece.

Our vintage black and white photograph looks best dressed in an off-white with a 1/4″ pop of black as a bottom mat. Our matting workshop cuts a window opening half the size the photograph out of the largest mat board size possible. Another mat board is cut for the second half. Each board is carefully cut at a 45 degree bevel on the end to precisely line up into one whole mat board that is large enough to display the 12′ photograph.

Polypropelene hinges are used to mount the photograph onto a fluted coroplast board. Polypropelene and coroplast are the strongest acid-free materials in the market.

The spliced boards are glued and handwrapped in your desired fabric and fitted over the photograph. The package is glazed with UV safe, static-resistant, and scratch-proof acrylic thats light-weight quality makes it perfect for large and heavy artwork.

Flawless sticks of moulding are hand-pulled in our woodshop for the picture frame. An invisible support structure is key to a strong frame. Your picture frame will have brace bars and a metal z-bar or 3-point security hardware for installation.