4 Ways To Add Pops Of Color To Your Custom Frame


Color Design

The colors and tones you choose for your matting should compliment and highlight the artwork by pulling the eyes inward and giving the eye room to view the isolated piece of art. Some love bright bold statement colors while some prefer whispering neutral shades. There are four key ways framers incorporate pops of color into any design.


Matboard comes in hundreds of colors, textures, and patterns. It serves to protect the piece of art or object while vividly highlighting the piece. Add a large border of a silk or suede, or the tiniest reveal of a color to add a dramatic impact.


The filet is versatile. It can fit into the lip of your frame to become an ornament or slip right under the matting for a pronounced edge narrowing in on the artwork. Whether the frame design is best complemented by vibrant, solid colors, such as those found in our Confetti collection, or more natural, layered, earthy colors, such as those in our Brittany and Vermont collections, fillets provide an excellent way to add a touch of color.


Frame liners are a classic way to display a fine work. Traditionally these liners come in neutral tones of creams and whites lending a lasting, regal feel to the work. Today, colored liners are available for those who want to add playful strikes of color into their space.

Layered Moulding

If you can’t find it made – stack it! Stacking frames is the perfect way to customize your work. Combining colors, patterns, and period styles ensures your work is one of a kind and matches your space perfectly. Take a thin moulding and turn it into a detailed liner for your next project.