Custom Framing


From baby gowns to race suits, custom framing is the only way to save it all the proper way. Bring us your most valued textiles and needle points to create a unique piece of decor that is not only beautiful but also protected. The featured race suit framed for Daytona Dodge features special glass etching that is a subtle, yet dramatic enhancement to the overall aesthetic. Bring us your memorabilia, such as military medals, so we can help you come up with a sharp display. Custom framing is the only way to have full control on your design.

Shadow boxes are the perfect home for your 3d memorabilia. The depth of the frame creates a dynamic impression. Multiple windows can be cut for photographs that complete your narrative. Let us help you create a commemorative plaque for your display. A spacer lining can be used as that pop of color that harmonizes your piece. Ask us how you can add a dash of flash to your frame with our new LED lighting strips.

We offer the area’s greatest variety of styles ranging between traditional, classical, contemporary, vivid, rustic, and everything in between. The custom framers at Frame of Mind care about the integrity, longevity, and quality of your frame. Conserving your valuables and creating a high-end decorative design is our number one priority. Stop in or make a consultation appointment today.