Custom Finish With Stained Pecky Cypress


A Gorgeous Natural Look

Custom framing at Frame of Mind is the only way to take complete control of your design. We make it easy for you to customize your space with in-home consultations, pick up service, delivery, and installation. Our team members are with you from the conception of the idea to the final display.

Our client desired to create a custom frame for their limited edition print out of a natural cypress wood. Our team picked up the material from a local vendor, and got to work.

The cleaned cypress wood was stained to the client’s desired shade of brown in our wood shop. The strips of wood were routed to create a lip for the artwork package where it can sit comfortably and safely. Our specialized woodworker ran the wood through our mitre saw to create 45 degree cuts that are perfectly joined to create a photo frame.

Meanwhile, our picture framers in the matting department work away to prep the artwork in a sterilized workshop. The oversized photograph is mounted in our dry mount press.

Dry mounting can be a delicate process. The print is placed inside of a vacuum press, which sucks air from the bottom and adds heat from the top. The heat actives an acid free adhesive that mounts the print to a stable foam board.

The frame and the print are married in the glazing workshop where acrylic is used to seal the photograph inside of the custom picture frame. Acrylic is preferable to glass in most cases because it is shatterproof and lightweight. Ask our designers about Optium Museum Acrylic, which has a coating that makes the sheets void of reflection and static. Optium Acrylic is the sleekest way to conserve and display your artwork and memorabilia.

We are not finished yet! The picture frame is backed with appropriate hardware and delivered to its home where a photo light is installed above the picture

The photograph is now a glowing centerpiece to this home where it sits in a conservation quality display.

Visit a framer at Frame of Mind Custom Framing located at 23 West Granda Blvd in Ormond Beach to see a custom frame designer to create your next masterpiece project. A custom frame designer is at the counter 9 am – 6 pm weekdays and 9 am – 3 pm on Saturdays to guide you.

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