Printing & Retouching


Let Frame of Mind Custom Framing help you photograph, scan, color match, edit, and digitally restore your photos and artwork.

Our photo-lab is perfect for those who wish to print a picture to frame, restore photographs, & for artists looking to create fine art prints.

High resolution images are captured of your work through scanning or professional photography.

The image is edited and prepared to print on our large format Epson printer.

You may choose from a variety of paper finishes, canvas, fine art papers, or films.

Frame it up to make it last! You will receive the digital file for future use.

Memories are brought back to life as our team studies the pixels in the scan and uses familiar elements to rework parts of the piece that had been forever lost.

Call 386-673-0577 or stop by our shop at 23 West Granada Blvd in Ormond Beach to speak with a specialist who will plan your next important project.