Frame Care Tips For Everyone

Museum framing historic arrowheads

Extend the Life of Your Frame & Protect What’s Within

As you start to display your framed art, it is very important to know how to care for the frame. What’s even more important, however, is how to care for the contents in the frame. With the proper hanging and maintenance tips, you can ensure both will last a lifetime.

Why is proper frame care so essential?

“The true importance of proper frame care is to protect your art and memories that are contained inside.”

Victoria Jones
Owner of Frame of Mind

A quality frame is designed to last for many years, but certain factors in its care can harm it and its contents. Sure, UV protective glass offers some protection for what’s inside but it alone is not enough. In this article, we list the top tips for proper frame care that will protect your frame and the items within. Help keep your art in top condition and continue to enjoy the beauty of your work for years to come. Let’s get started!

Tips for Proper Frame Care

Below are pro tips on the things you’re doing now that can damage your frame and its contents. And, what you can do to extend the life of your favorite pieces.

Display Tips

  1. Don’t display important pieces near an exterior door. Heat and humidity can cause the wood and paper in your frame to weaken, bend and wrinkle.
  2. Don’t display valuable artwork in the bathroom. Changes in humidity and the close proximity to water can encourage the growth of mold.
  3. Don’t hang sensitive pieces in direct sunlight. Ultra Violet rays can cause the colors in your piece to fade and oils to crack.
  4. Always use two nails when hanging your artwork to ensure a balanced and sturdy hang.

Cleaning Tips

  1. Never spray glass cleaner directly onto your frame. It can seep through along the edges and ruin the inside.
  2. If moister is required then use an ammonia-free glass cleaner sprayed on a dry microfiber towel.
  3. Don’t use furniture polish on your frames or the wood moulding will fade and damage the aesthetic value.
  4. Most frames have a special finish to keep its luster so gentle cleaning using a dry cloth is all that is required.

Storage Tips

  1. Don’t store important work in a garage, basement or attic. Heat, humidity and bugs can absolutely destroy your piece.
  2. Store your unhung frames in an empty room or closet. Conservation of artwork/artifacts can only be achieved by storing in a controlled environment.
  3. Leaning frames against the wall is a good storage technique. You can also stack them with acid free foam core between each piece.
  4. Always store frames back-to-back or face-to-face to avoid scratches on the face of the frame from hardware.

Frame Care for Historic Artifacts

Making sure your valuable art, prized photo or cherished item stays safe is important. To do this, Frame of Mind recommends special materials and methods called conservation quality framing. This helps keep your piece in good condition for a long time. Plus, it makes it look even better!

Frame care for historic artifacts photo

For example, these historic arrowheads were framed to stay protected yet display in a unique way. The expert framer nestled the arrowheads tight between two panes of conservation glass. This method allows viewing of the piece from all angles when removed from its stand.

The artifacts pictured here were framed at Frame of Mind using the Java collection. The frame is deeply engraved with global designs and features a rich ebony finish. The textured matting with a subtle earth tone harmonizes with the subject matter. The elegance and design of the frame can match an environment of any style.

Which of Your Pieces Need Frame Care?

We hope these tips for proper frame care helps you better protect the decor in your home and office. A little knowledge can go a long way in preventing irreparable damage. If you have any questions or need conservation quality framing then call Frame of Mind.

Let us help you protect your next timeless piece. Our custom frames can also add emphasis to make your piece more creative! The attention to detail shows in every project we do. If you can think it, Frame of Mind can create it!