Groove Work Helps Tell the Story

Grooved matboard in Beatles frame photo

Take Your Piece to the Next Level With Custom Grooves

Have you ever seen how groove work adds an extra layer of personalization to a framed piece? If not, then this article is for you. Here, we explain and give an example of one of the most impactful ways to set your piece apart from the ordinary… Highly skilled designers and professional custom framers refer to this technique as “groove work”.

So, what is groove work and what exactly does it do in custom framing?

“Groove work is the carving, etching, or engraving of patterns, designs, and words in the moulding of a frame.”

Victoria Jones
Owner of Frame of Mind

It’s always impressive to see how much a well-designed matboard and frame complements a piece. Both truly do enhance the overall appearance making it even more visually appealing. Not to mention, these things combined help protect the piece by creating a barrier around it.

But, what if you could take your piece to another level? What if the matboard helped to tell the story and add a unique, personal touch? That’s where custom groove work comes in.

How Groove Work Can Help Tell a Story

Grooves can be added solely as a design element but it can do so much more. Well-thought-out grooves can lead the eye and guide the viewer into the intended narrative. Below are some of the benefits and the different types of groove work in custom framing:

Benefits of Grooves

  • Add emphasis to areas
  • Express ideas or messages
  • Highlight the focal point
  • Guide the viewers eye
  • Symbolize personal memories

Types of Groove Work

  • Geometric shapes
  • Floral or botanical patterns
  • Engraved lettering
  • Painted images
  • And more…

Framing the Beatles With Groove Work

Here’s an example of custom groove work for a client who wanted to capture the timeless essence of this iconic band.

Beatles memorabilia framed with groove work photo

A black, gallery-style frame draws the viewer to the display and, the subtle bevel in the moulding makes the frame soft to the eye as it transitions from the wall. The black mat serves as a visual resting place and the groove work leads the viewer into the narrative. Our custom mat cutting technology created the classic “Beatles” typography. A top of the line Epson printed the portraits of the individual band members.

Also, the mat protects the photos and CD case from elements that may seep through the wood frame over time. Finally, an ultra protective sheet of non-glare, 99% UV protectant museum glass tops it off. Our conservation methods protects the piece so it will last for generations.

The Possibilities are Endless

As seen, a custom frame with matboard groove work adds a personal touch and helps to tell your unique story. Whether it’s a vibrant painting, a delicate photo, or a cherished memento. Custom grooves adds emphasis and makes the piece more unique and creative.

So don’t wait – visit Frame Of Mind today and let us help you design your next piece of timeless decor. We always use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure the best results. Our attention to detail shows and your framed item will last for years to come. If you can think it, Frame of Mind can create it!