Honor Them With Jersey Framing or a Uniform Display Case

Sports jersey framing

Keep the Memory Alive With a Custom Frame

Do you have a favorite jersey, uniform, race suit, or other item of clothing you want to show off? One filled with memories of a big win or a major accomplishment in life? With jersey framing or a uniform display case, you can show the item and preserve it at the same time.

“Custom-made jersey and uniform displays capture the essence of the experience and creates a connection between the past and present.”

Victoria Jones
Owner of Frame of Mind

Custom framing is an excellent way to safeguard a garment while showing tribute to someone. In this article, we look at jersey framing and uniform display cases and how they bring the item to life. We include examples of sports jerseys, a race suit, and leotards to show how a custom frame helps capture the moment.

From Wearing to Showing: A Jersey’s Story

When a player puts on their jersey for a sports event, it becomes more than just an outfit. It represents their passion for the game and all the hard work it took to get there. If it’s a big game, the jersey can represent a tough win, great moment, or just a love for the sport that doesn’t quit.

The journey of the jersey shouldn’t end with the game. Instead, display it in a way that immortalizes the player and the memories of the game for a lifetime.

What Makes a Jersey Special?

Here are a few reasons why sports jerseys are a favorite to frame:

  • Displays the player’s name a person roots for
  • Proudly shows a person’s preferred team
  • Connects people to their favorite sport
Gators football jersey framing

Keep the Excitement Alive With Jersey Framing

For people who love sports, jersey framing is a great way to show off the sport they love most. Maybe it’s a team they cheer for, a star player, or a significant moment in sports history. Protecting the jersey in a frame helps keep it safe and looking great.

Football jersey framing

Most popular sports jerseys for framing:

  • Football Jerseys
  • Baseball Jerseys
  • Basketball Jerseys
  • Hockey Jerseys
  • Volleyball Jerseys

Framing your jersey doesn’t only protect the item, it also preserves the memories it holds. Your jersey is a constant reminder of an exciting event in your life. It can inspire you from time to time and be a conversation starter with your guests.

Benefits of jersey framing:
  • Preserves jersey integrity
    Protects the jersey from fading, dust, and other damage
  • Highlights unique design
    Showcases intricate details and team colors
  • Visually appealing display
    Creates a professional and polished presentation
  • Showcases the passion
    Lets your love for sports and favorite athletes shine
  • Thoughtful gift
    Makes a unique and cherished present for sports enthusiasts
Basketball jersey framing

Celebrate Them With a Uniform Display Case

Serviceman medals custom framing

Uniforms hold a special place in our hearts. They represent military service, top accomplishments, and personal achievements. A uniform in a quality display case helps protect it while showcasing it in all its glory. The case is specifically crafted to highlight the uniform’s features and details.

Accent a Treasured Uniform

At Frame Of Mind, our custom uniform display cases are crafted with great attention to detail. We can also add a touch of personalization to fit your project.

Benefits of a Uniform Display Case

  • Protection
    High-quality materials safeguard uniforms from dust, damage, and fading.
  • Showcasing
    Designed to highlight the unique features and details of the item.
  • Customization
    Create a display case that perfectly complements the item and style.
  • Preservation
    Helps protect the condition and integrity of the uniform for years.
  • Display
    A beautiful way to showcase and share a special story with others.
U.S. Navy hat custom framed

Framing Race Suits: Show Off the Speed

Race suit custom framing

Imagine having a Formula 1, NASCAR, or motorcycle racing suit hanging in your entertainment room. With race suit framing, you keep the thrill of the race alive and celebrate the racer’s hard work and success. It’s a constant reminder of the intense moments and amazing achievements on the track.

Race suits are a big deal in the racing world. Not only do they protect the driver, but they also show the courage, skill, and excitement of the racers who wear them. When you custom frame a race suit, you get a cool way to capture the spirit of the racer and the exhilaration of the race.

A race suit is a treasured piece of motorsport legend that you keep for a lifetime. If you collect race memorabilia, or just love racing, a framed suit can help you protect your piece of racing history.

Credit the Racer and Their Big Moment

A custom race suit frame can do more that just display the suit. It can also honor the driver who wore it. You can show the driver’s name, racing number, and the logos of their sponsors. Also, other cool stuff can be added from the race, like photos or other small items. Putting it all together gives you a real look into what the race and the racer’s experience was like.

Preserve Their Passion

Jersey framing and uniform display cases are great ways to celebrate and honor cherished memories. These displays can transform those fleeting moments into enduring treasures. Turning memorabilia into a showpiece you’re proud of.

Frame Of Mind’s professional framing and displays are crafted to both showcase and protect your items. Each jersey, uniform, suit, or leotard is expertly mounted to protect its features. We also offer a wide variety of customization options to choose from. Making it possible to create a unique, personalized display.

Call us at 386-673-0577 or visit our frame shop and art gallery to learn more about our custom jersey framing and uniform display cases.

Leotards in framed displays


What is jersey framing?

Jersey framing is the process of displaying and preserving sports jerseys in a frame, allowing them to be showcased as memorabilia. This framing safeguards the jersey against dust, fading, and accidental damage, and can help ensure its preservation.

Can I frame jerseys from any sport?

Yes, jersey framing is available for a wide variety of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more.

Why should I consider jersey framing?

One reason is to protect it from damage but framing it also allows you to showcase this jersey in your home or office. It can also be a wonderful gift for a friend or relative.

What are uniform display cases?

Uniform display cases are specially designed enclosures crafted from premium materials to showcase uniforms with meticulous attention to detail. These cases also provide superior protection helping you protect the uniform from the elements.

What is race suit framing?

Framing race suits involves the artful display of racing attire, such as the ones donned by Formula 1 or NASCAR drivers, as treasured memorabilia.