Picture Frame Lights


Pushing the limits of framing. You’ve seen our light up frames before, but never like this. We were given this Buffalo Bills Jacket, trading cards, and magazine to encapsulate in a safe home, that would serve as the centerpiece to the room.

We designed cutouts in the matting to fit around the shape of the jacket with pockets embedded underneath to house the memorabilia. The trading cards and magazine are sink-mounted into acid free foam where they are held in piece without the use of adhesive. The jacket is hand sewn to the backing board along the original seams in the jacket, so the leather and integrity go undisturbed for ages.

This type of LED strip light is new to our workshop. We were able to segment and fit the lighting to match the shape of the mat-board cutout. This is a dynamic touch as the viewer can see the soft light trail that outlines the jacket instead of hiding the lights within the infrastructure.

The user can choose any color of the rainbow when they turn on their light. The mat board is represents the official team colors. Each aspect of the design and framing process has been hand picked and handmade for the jacket to look its best in a non-abrasive environment.