Picture Frame Lights


Light it Up!

Add a Dash with Flash

American Flag with lighting inside the frame

Electricity meets custom woodworking with our new picture frame lights! With LED lighting, conservation materials, and personalized designs, we can help you create the perfect piece that’ll dazzle the room.

LED strips are smoothly imbedded into the side of the frame and embellished with paint and hand created spacers to hide the structure from the display.

Add textured matting, interesting mounting methods, and stacks of finely finished frames to make it pop. Your lights come with a remote control to adjust brightness and timing of the custom light up display!

Pushing the limits of framing. You’ve seen our light up frames before, but never like this. We were given this Buffalo Bills Jacket, trading cards, and magazine to encapsulate in a safe home, that would serve as the centerpiece to the room.

We designed cutouts in the matting to fit around the shape of the jacket with pockets embedded underneath to house the memorabilia. The trading cards and magazine are sink-mounted into acid free foam where they are held in piece without the use of adhesive. The jacket is hand sewn to the backing board along the original seams in the jacket, so the leather and integrity go undisturbed for ages.

This type of LED strip light is new to our workshop. We were able to segment and fit the lighting to match the shape of the mat-board cutout. This is a dynamic touch as the viewer can see the soft light trail that outlines the jacket instead of hiding the lights within the infrastructure.

The user can choose any color of the rainbow when they turn on their light. The mat board is represents the official team colors. Each aspect of the design and framing process has been hand picked and handmade for the jacket to look its best in a non-abrasive environment.

Volcanic Glass Plate Display Case

Our designers were given the challenge of securely mounting this heavy and fragile plate made from volcanic glass. The brilliant iridescent colors could only be appreciated in direct lighting, so our team installed LED light strips inside of the picture frame moulding for a dramatic glow from every angle. 

Our framers are experts at building a micro-environment to preserve sensitive materials by keeping objects away from harmful environmental agents that cause them to deteriorate.

We used a bent rod technique to secure the fragile glass plate. Soft metal rods are cut and bent depending on the width and height of the object. They are inserted at an angle into a heavy duty foam board, called Gator Foam. Plastic is gently shrunk around the tips of the rods, so the plate is only touching a soft surface that will not breakdown over time. 

LED Picture Lighting 
Our team is experienced in lighting picture frames from the inside with custom built spacers. Add lighting around the outside of the piece with LED strips around the outer edge of the frame.

Our woodshop can seal any sized object into a shadow box display by building onto the moulding to fit the exact specs of your unique artwork. We provide custom finishing to match the colors and textures you desire.

The possibilities are endless at Frame of Mind Custom Framing. Ask us about security hardware, delivery, and professional fine art installations

Our studio offers traditional picture lighting as well.