Object Mounting


These hand painted, wooden panels deserved a handcrafted home. The unique shape created by the artist required a completely custom design to assure they stay beautiful and safe for generations to come.

Our custom framers used a technique called sink-mounting by creating acid free foam beds for the panels to rest in.

The structure is disguised by a rich, suede mat which elegantly creeps up the sides of the frame. The pearl top mat serves as an enhancement to the colors of the pieces while keeping the artwork from touching the glass, which could cause build up of humidity and chipping of the paint. The design is topped off with archival, non reflective museum glass.

This frame package is meant to be decorative while ultimately preserving the art.

Float Mounting

If you desire to float your object magically in frame, then some sewing may be required. Our custom framers will find the most discrete and stable way to sew your object onto the mat board with polypropylene fasteners.