Memorabilia Shadowboxes

Shadowbox photo

KISS memorabilia shadowbox 
Signed posters, books, photographs, guitar picks, and passes are encapsulated in this oversized shadowbox to commemorate the band’s final tour. 

All valuables and collectibles are attached without the use of adhesive. The photographs and documents simply sit in a polypropylene plastic corner that is invisibly hidden beneath the matting. 
The thicker materials are sink mounted into a bed of foam around the object.

Sewing and custom rod techniques are used to bend around and secure the heavier objects in place without the need to create holes or use adhesive on the piece. 

Tell a story & preserve a memory with the help of Frame of Mind.

Bring the objects you wish to preserve to a custom frame designer who will help you layout the story board for the frame. Photographs tell a tale of a thousand words and make great additions to shadowbox framing.

Enhance your custom frame with custom cuts and letting in the mat board. Your valuables will be fit into the frame with secure conservation framing technique.