Large Antique Quilt


We love the challenge of customizing a beautiful display that offers archival  protection and is structurally sound.

Our workshop makes each frame to order, that means we can accommodate your needs no matter how large or small. Bring us your oversized collector’s prints, canvases, and textiles for conservation custom framing treatment. 

We were ecstatic to have members of Howe Memorial United Methodist Church bring us this 7′ handmade quilt all the way from Crescent City.

Quilts are treated like textiles such as cross-stiches, needlepoints, and unforms. A strong board is padded as a bed that holds the fabric, which is pulled taught. Textiles are held in place using a pressure mount or pinning method, if it is appropriate to pierce the fabric. Custom framing pins and tags are noninvasive because they are so small that they glide through the fabrics of the textile. Our framers are careful to place pins along areas where there is already organic heavy stitching.

 The quilt will be pulled over a wooden frame, similar to stetching a canvas, and pinned into acid free foam like a cross-stitch. Wooden strainer bars are custom cut and lined with foam using acid resistant sealing tape.

Cotton batting is stretched over the wood strainer bar to cushion the quilt. It is covered with Tyvek, a a synthetic paper used as a sealant. The Quilt is gently stretched snug over the new backing and adjusted to accommodate unique stitching patterns and holes.

The decorative frames are chopped, glued, and joined coming out of the workshop ready for assembly with foam spacers giving space between the quilt package and acrylic glazing. Acrylic is recommended for heavy pieces and public places. A wooden z-bar is crafted and attached to the backing of the framing package which is ready to hang.

Thank you to the Howe Methodist Church for bringing us this long lost treasure!