May Events!


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5/9/18 Mother’s Day Jewlery Showcase 12 – 6 pm  

Frame of Mind welcomes local hand crafted jewelry makers to showcase their work in a pop up throughout Frame of Mind Art Gallery. See the May exhibit and shop amongst a handful of artist including Victoria Cantrell of Pangari Jewelry, Cassidy Crowel of Cranium Couture, Kailani Rogers & Michelle Harvey, and our May featured artist, Rachel Thompson. Just in time for Mother’s Day and in collaboration with Mother’s Day shopping specials on the Ormond Mainstreet! 

5/12/18 The Spirituality of Music salon 6:30-9 pm
“The Spirituality of Music: Nada Brahma — Sound is God.”

Musician Rick de Yampert will present an “informance” (part lecture, part performance) on the Nada Brahma — the ancient Hindu concept that “Sound is God.” Rick will perform on sitar, Native American flute and djembe (African hand drum). He also will talk about the meanings of the sacred Om chant and symbol and how it relates to modern physics, read from the ancient Hindu sacred texts known as the Upanishads, and explore how other spiritual paths hold sound as sacred.

The workshop also will include sample recordings of Kenyan witchcraft music, Native American powwow drumming and Sufi singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.


Call to Artist!! 
Frame of Mind Art Gallery is collaborating with Latitude Margaritaville to bring new residents bimonthly pop up style artist receptions featuring key local artist who represent the Margaritaville lifestyle and mindset.

Contact us at for more info on how to get involved!