Conserving Canvas


This vibrant oil painting was brought to us by a collector in need of a conservation consultation. The painting was cleaned of dust and residue, and then prepped for its new forever home in a simple but drawing picture frame.

In order to protect the painting from dust buildup, pests, and other environmental factors, the collector chose Optium Museum Acrylic to seal the face. Going with Museum Acrylic ensures that the glass will never shatter and damage the painting while keeping reflection nonexistent.
The painting is kept away from the glass with plastic spacers. Preventing the art from touching the glass is crucial, because sandwiching the material to the glass will cause moisture buildup and sticking in the future.

The back of the canvas is nestled on acid free foam to keep it stable.

The canvas is placed into the frame and secured with metal offsets drilled into the moulding. This allows for the stretcher bar to remain undamaged and without adhesive residue.

The frame package was slipped into a floater frame. The floater works to protect the sides and creates a completely sealed microenvironment when backed with acid free backing paper.

The design of the frame is meant to draw the eye in with the warm colors that reflect those found in the painting. The frame is neutral enough to work in any environment and does not draw the eye away from the painting. The floater frame protecting the edges allows for the display to rest flat on the wall.