What’s in a Matboard?

Custom Frame Design

Matting plays a key roll in conservation picture framing. It touches the artwork directly, so it has to be neutral, yet it is visible by the viewer, so it also has to be beautiful.

Under no circumstances should a piece of artwork touch the glass that serves to shield it from the outside world. If the artwork touches the glass, there will be moister buildup that causes sticking.

The matboard covers just a hair of the artwork, just enough to keep it in place. It comes in all sorts of thicknesses and keeps your work away from the glass, gives a buffer around the edges to keep the art away from anything that could seep through the frame, and allows the viewer’s eye to see the artwork isolated, keeping it breathable and light.

Besides the practical applications of matboard, you can get really creative with your design. Frame of Mind Custom Framing is known for custom cuts in matting. We can take your design and by creating cuts, grooves, and drops, we can turn your ordinary frame into a complete piece of artwork.

Colored cored matting has a neutral top and a solid color throughout, so you can peel back layers to expose the color or just use it for a simply vivid bevel. This is a subtle way to take your simple design and make it pop. Add suede, textures, and different thicknesses to your matting and spacers to create a look completely unique to you!

Ask a custom framer about all the mat boards we carry to enhance your design:

  • Basic paper
  • Museum board
  • Suede
  • Leather
  • Texture
  • Pearly
  • Color Core
  • 8-ply
  • & More!