Why Go Conservation?

Marilyn Monroe Photograph

Frame of Mind always makes a point of applying archival standards when mounting and housing your valuables in one of our quality picture frames, but why is it important? Why not buy a premade department store frame? 

The purpose of conservation framing is to preserve materials from deterioration due to environmental hazards such as humidity, light, abrasions, splatters, and pests. 

Custom picture frames provide the depth and the layers needed to house a piece of art or object with room for natural contractions, safely applied hinges for mounting, and appropriate security hardware. 

The Custom Frame Anatomy 

Matting– Matting plays a key role in conservation picture framing as it touches the artwork directly, so it has to be neutral, yet it is visible to the viewer, so it also has to be beautiful. Under no circumstances should a piece of artwork touch the glass. If the artwork touches the glass, there will be moisture buildup that causes sticking. The matting package provides cushion, isolation, and security. 

Moulding- The picture frame moulding is the final cherry on top completing the piece and separating it from the outside world visually and physically. The moulding provides structure for the entire display. Our framers are talented in identifying historic styles and artwork trends then matching them to one of our many picture frame profiles. We offer a variety of finishes and depths to accommodate any object and room. Need to match your interior design exactly? 

Glazing- Protect your artwork with UV filtering picture frame glazing. Choose from conservation glass, anti-reflective glass, Museum glass, or a lightweight plexiglass. Glazing takes the hardest hit when protecting your valuables as it is the shield against sunlight, dust, humidity, and pests. Your artwork and valuables are carefully assembled on-site in our workshop to ensure that they are treated delicately, the glazing never touches the artwork, and the package is completely sealed and secure.

Backing- Our workshop uses acid free backing paper to seal the custom framing package from wandering pests, creeping molds, and obtrusion. We offer plastic backing, such as Tyvek, that is weather resistant for outdoor displays. Our custom framers will determine the safest hardware for your piece. Hardware could include traditional wire, two hooks for balance, 3-point security hardware, wall budies, z-bars, and more. Our workshop is equipped to build backing hardware for any dimension. Ensure your artwork is properly hung with our professional fine art installation service.

Our custom framers take careful measures and use high quality materials for each element of the frame. Custom framing is a good option even if you are not intending to save a piece of art for 100 years. The same delicate care is put into mounting decorative prints transforming any piece into a work of fine art.