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Contact us for your specific needs and unanswered questions. A custom framer will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Parking is located behind our building. You’ll find us at the foot of the Granada Bridge across from City Hall. Our Parking lot is accessible from New Britain Road.


Request a pick up or delivery at $4 a mile. Installations depend on intensity & quantity. Contact us for an estimate. Our designers are available for in-home consultations by appointment.

Glass Replacement

We will replace your glass in an existing frame. We carry UV protective glass and acrylic in a variety of non-glare options.

Frame Repair

We do not repair existing frames. It is unsafe for the artwork and the workshop to salvage broken or weakened materials. We are happy to build a fresh frame for you from our vast collection of picture frame mouldings.

Frame Care Tips

Do not spray glass cleaner directly on your frame. It can seep through the wood along the edges and potentially dampened the microenvironment inside your frame. A dry microfiber will do the trick. If you must use moister, do so lightly with an ammonia-free glass cleaner.

Use two nails to ensure a balanced and sturdy hang.

Do not hang important artwork in the bathroom. Changes in humidity and the close proximity to water can encourage the growth of mold.

Do not display important pieces near an exterior door or in direct sunlight. Frame of Mind uses UV protective glass on any framing project but heat and humidity can cause the wood and paper in your frame to weaken, bend, and wrinkle.

 Always store frames back to back or face to face to avoid scratches on the face of the frame from hardware.

Do not store important work in a garage, basement, attic. Conservation of important artwork and artifacts can only be maintained in a controlled environment. Store your unhung frames in an empty room or closet. Leaning your frames against the wall is a good way to store them, or you may stack them with acid free foam core between each piece.

Do not use furniture polish on frames. Most frames have a special finish to keep it’s luster. Attempting to polish the wood could cause fading and damage to the aesthetic value of the moulding. Gently clean your frame using a dry cloth.