Display Cases

Add a new dimension to your piece

This cat sculpture sits on top of a handmade podium created from mat board. Choose from our vast collection of mouldings to pick a wall mount or pedestal base for your acrylic display case.

Frame of Mind Custom Framing & Art Gallery specialized in conservation quality frames for fine artwork and memorabilia. Memorabilia can be anything from tiny collectors’ cards to life-size race suites, and even larger than life size objects such as flags and quilts.

Bring your trickiest projects to a custom frame designer at our consultation counter who will help you with safely mounting your objects into a secure frame that turns into a beautiful piece of decor. Custom frames make excellent gifts because they are personalized and one of a kind. Custom framing is the only way to have complete control of your design when you are creating or preserving a piece for yourself. Keep your valuables safe with custom framing for generations.

Sometimes a shadowbox frame for large objects just doesn’t give you that 360 view you need. In this special circumstance you may want to consider an acrylic box display.

Your objects are mounted to float encapsulated in the box. The bottom can be framed with a moulding that matches your style or assists in narrating the story of the object inside.

Custom acrylic boxes can be flipped on their side and mounted to the wall or sit on a shelf or pedestal. The acrylic used for the box can be dyed to any color and the edges can be finished with a beveled, curved, or squared off edge.

Brighten it up with colored acrylic!

Frame of Mind carries acrylic display cases in a variety of colors. Bring in your objects for a design consultation to find the best match for you.

See this dragon in Fugu Sushi restaurant right next door. The sculpture is glowing inside of these vibrant orange acrylic walls, but there are no lights used in the framing!

Frame Of Mind Means Quality
The custom framers are certified with years of experience in artwork conservation and design to help you smoothly complete your trickiest projects. Stop in or make a consultation appointment today!

Examples of Display Cases

A lot of detailed work is put into each display case we build. Below are some examples of our custom display cases.