Jersey and Uniform Framing

Memorable Touches for Special Clothing

Jersey and Uniform Framing photo

Add a memorable touch to any jersey, uniform, race suit, baby outfit, or other special piece of clothing. Our jersey and uniform framing both displays and protects you pieces.

Create a design with our custom framer consultant that will bring together the history of the object with your own unique style. Our framers will inspect your object(s) to determine the safest way to mount them. Then, they will work with you on your unique look and feel.

Take home a frame that compliments the piece while also completing the room. Make it your own with specialty embellishments done in both the matting and glass.

Custom jersey and uniform frames make an excellent gift!

Examples of Jersey and Uniform Framing

Questions About Jersey and Uniform Framing

Have questions about your special piece of clothing or custom requests for your frame? We would love to hear about your project and show how we can help so contact us today!

Frame Of Mind Means Quality
Our custom framers are certified with years of experience in artwork conservation and design to help you smoothly complete your trickiest projects. Stop in or make a consultation appointment today!