Shadow Boxes

Tell a Story and Preserve a Memory

Shadow boxes are the perfect home for your memorabilia. The depth of the frame creates a dynamic impression while protecting your 3-dimensional piece. Bring your memorabilia, such as military medals, or other objects you wish to preserve and we will help you come up with a sharp display. Our custom framing is the only way to have full control on your design.

Our custom frame designers can also help you with the story board for the frame. Photographs tell a tale of a thousand words and make great additions to shadow box framing. Multiple windows can be cut in the matting for photographs that complete your narrative.

All valuables and collectibles are attached without the use of adhesive. The photographs and documents simply sit in a polypropylene plastic corner that is invisibly hidden beneath the matting. The thicker materials are sink mounted into a bed of foam around the object. Sewing and custom rod techniques are used to bend around and secure the heavier objects in place without the need to create holes or use adhesives. 

Enhance your custom frame with custom cuts and letting in the mat board. Your valuables will be fit into the frame with secure conservation framing technique.

Make your shadow box pop with complimentary colored spacers and even LED lighting lining the inside. A spacer lining can be used as that pop of color that harmonizes your piece. Ask us how you can add a dash of flash to your frame with our new LED lighting strips.

Let us help you create a commemorative plaque for your display. Our designers are even able to take any logo or font, digitally recreate it, and cut it out on our computerized mat cutter for a totally unique and custom cut design.

Examples of Shadow Boxes

A lot of custom work is put into each shadow box we build. Below are some examples of our custom shadow boxes.

Shadowbox photo

KISS memorabilia shadow box 
Signed posters, books, photographs, guitar picks, and passes are encapsulated in this oversized shadow box to commemorate the band’s final tour. 

Questions About Shadow Boxes

Have questions about shadow boxing your treasured items or any special requests? We would love to hear about your shadow box project and give suggestions that may help so contact us today!

Frame Of Mind Means Quality
Our custom framers are certified with years of experience in artwork conservation and design to help you smoothly complete your trickiest projects. Stop in or make a consultation appointment today!